Last Prototype--First Drawing

Last Prototype--First Drawing

  The final prototype is currently on the lathe, with renderings attached below. A lot of great upgrades were added to this new design, including doubling the lumen output of the front headlight to 200 lumens, as well as nearly tripling the lumen output on the taillight to 52. Both of these upgrades come with zero loss of battery life. The latter change was an all but a certainty, made by simply swapping in higher output white LEDs with red plastic housing, rather than red LEDs in a clear housing.

  The higher headlight output was made by swapping in the latest and greatest LED by Cree. This LED came out within the last year, and packs an incredible punch for it's size and current draw. 


  The taillight housing was also changed to allow for an extensive 180 degree field of vision. This is a big deal, allowing for the rider to be seen from the side, not just the front and rear. 

  New mounting brackets were opted for, rather than silicon bands. The reason for this change was concern that the torsion from the coiled cable may constantly pull on the lights, changing their direction. The lights will sit much more sturdily in these brackets, and the housings are still easily removed by pulling a tab to allow the aluminum brackets to slide against each other and out. 

  Maybe the biggest change to the unit is the locking mechanism. The setup of V1's locking tab was problematic for two reasons:
      1) The tab end of the cable hung out in space, which posed a problem given its close proximity to the rear wheel

      2) The lock receiver was provided a hole that would constantly need to be "plugged" when not locked to keep out the elements.

 The solution? A locking mechanism that "floats" on the cable, eliminating the need for a permanent hole in the headlight housing. With this design, we had two crucial hurdles: Maintaining security, and avoiding scratches to the frame. While the lock housing is much smaller, it is no less secure than V1. One caveat here: No cable lock is safe against a good pair of cable cutters. The Kinkajou is meant to be used in tandem with a U-lock. Having said that, the barrel lock controls a stainless steel pin that could not be cut or broken with cable cutters, and the cable is affixed to both housings through a series of permanent rivets. The assembly will be coated with a silicon skin to avoid scratching to the frame, and magnetizing the "tag" portion of this will make it easier to lock/unlock. 
  While this is the final version in terms of what is presented on Kickstarter, the Kinkajou is still a very much alive project, and upgrades will be sought out and implemented during the campaign, and before mass manufacturing. 


  The first winner for a Lemurlock tee and shades was also drawn. Congrats Peter Neiger, and your shipment is in the mail!



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