The Kinkajou

The Kinkajou

Lemurlock.com is online!

   We've partnered with Bradley Abbott of Connectable Designs to take on the construction of our one-piece design bike light/lock: The Kinkajou.

    Here are the basics: While riding, a six foot coiled steel cable lock connects a front-facing headlight and rear-facing taillight, with the internals connected inside the cable itself. When you've reached your destination, each light "clicks out" of its position, enabling the rider to pass the cable through the bike's frame and/or tires--here's where it gets interesting. The headlight houses a traditional cable lock mechanism, which the taillight securely bolts into. Simply lock the taillight into the headlight for both a secure bike AND secure lights.

     Both lighting houses are made of machined 6061 aluminum, internalizing the cable and making for one seamless, secure unit. Attached are renderings of the V1 prototype, which will undergo significant revisions, but gives a good idea of usage and layout. We're excited for the Kickstarter campaign to begin and to fulfill our mission: Ride more!





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