Kinkajou Prototype V1

Kinkajou Prototype V1

       The first prototype has finally landed, and while revisions for V2 are already well underway, we wanted to share the work and thought process that went into the design of V1. Let's start with the power supply. A single rechargeable 18650 battery supplies power to both lights, with an approximate run time of 7.6 hours. Both the headlight and taillight utilize some of the latest and greatest LEDs on the market, putting out just over 100 lumens out front, and 20 lumens to the rear. 

      The cable lock itself is a six foot 1/4 inch braided steel coil, with a core in the middle to handle the wiring for both lights. The light housings themselves are 6061 aluminum, provided a secure, rust-proof shell for the electronics as well as the steel cable terminations.

     The lights are secured to the handlebar via two molded silicon straps to allow for easy attachment and removal  (though this will change fairly drastically in V2). 

      The keying is a barrel-type lock, securing the tag ends of the cable together with a solid steel pin. The lighting's aluminum housings are built around the cable, providing a one-piece design that's both aesthetically pleasing as well as secure. 

     More updates to come shortly on the progress of V2!





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