Prototype Testing and Launch Countdown

Prototype Testing and Launch Countdown

  A lot has happened since the last update: The final prototype arrived in September, and since then it's been a healthy combination of testing, marketing, and nailing down final revisions. Let's start with testing. The battery life came out nearly exactly as estimated, with a runtime of just over 7 hours. For mass manufacturing (i.e. if the campaign is successful) we're looking at the possibility of powering the headlight and taillight separately, which would give us even better burn times, as well as eliminate the possibility of shorting through contact with the cable. 

  Marketing is now in full swing, after a lot of testing and finding the lowest cost per acquisition. The first feature article was written by Cycling Today (link here), and we're looking forward to seeing more interest as the campaign gets closer. The campaign video was done by Serif Creative here in Columbus, and they did an excellent job (see video here). Nick Fancher also took some incredible product photography, which we've been featuring in our Facebook and Twitter ads.

  The prototype's build quality is excellent, and the "overbuilt" aspect is something I'd really like to carry forward through the revision process. As a quick run-down, the "final" prototype received will go through a slew of small revisions before manufacturing in the event that the campaign is fully funded. Things like adding a blinking mode, and a silicon overmold to keep the lock assemblies from scratching the frame. While some of these are less obvious, the combination should really add up to a product that feels more refined than a crowdfunded item should--at least that's the goal. 

  With twenty days left until the campaign launch, the last items we're waiting on are two final estimates for molds, from two different companies, to determine the final ask amount, at which point the campaign page can be setup. Both estimates should be in by the end of the week, and then the campaign page can go live! 



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