About Us

The Lemurlock was born where many ideas have taken shape: the garage. My bike was leaned against the wall with a coil lock wrapped around the top tube, and two loose lights balanced precariously on the seat. My legs were dead from the previous day's workout and the thought of bolting on both lights seemed like an ordeal I shouldn't have to bear. There had to be a better way. The idea grew legs when I shoved the coil lock back into position for the twentieth time. Incorporating the cable into the design of both lights was when I realized the added possible benefit of security. 

The name of the bike light and lock is inspired by the imagery of a lemur, its prehensile tails coiling around tree limbs similar to how the cable coils around the bike's frame. 

Lemurlock is the first attack on the things that make getting out on the bike most difficult. The first is time. Traditional headlights and taillights need to be attached, and then removed, to prevent theft. The product snaps into place in seconds, with the standby coiled cable actually providing function, providing power for each light. The second is safety. Lemurlock is designed for the rider to be seen from the front and rear. The third is security. A one-piece design means that not only is your bike secure, so are your lights. The goal of Lemurlock is simple: Ride more.



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